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Everyone wants to use data to make smarter decisions, but why are most companies failing? It’s because they spend too much time on developing reports and not enough on strategy, technical setup, data quality, and data analysis. We reverse these ratios, instead helping develop a scalable analytics architecture and uncovering insights that will drive your business forward, all while cutting out the dead hours that go into building reports through automation.

BI and data visualization can be daunting, but it’s become a necessity in today’s data-driven world. We guide our clients through the process, both strategically and technically, so we can turn your mountains of raw data into an actionable business plan.

We know your budget is valuable. That’s why we work with our Reach department to hold all marketing activity accountable to your campaign goals, whether it’s awareness, engagement, conversion, or efficiency. This will ensure we have a clear understanding of what’s working and allow us to continuously optimize in order to maximize ROAS.

Whether you’re using Google Analytics (free or 360) or Adobe Analytics, we can help you understand the key user behaviors that are fueling growth, identify the issues that are holding you back, and find innovative ways to activate your first-party data via paid and organic marketing.

From a more complex technical setup to a different set of KPIs, app analytics can feel like learning a new language. Luckily, we’re fluent in it. Whether you’re trying to track app install campaigns, configure custom events, or understand retention rates, we have the knowledge to help you scale.

Still waiting for your dev team to add that Facebook pixel? It’s time to transition to a tag management platform. By helping our clients setup and manage Google Tag Manager (or an equivalent option), we can get all your marketing tags implemented within minutes.

With the rise of APIs and “marketing middleware”, ETL solutions (Funnel, Improvado, etc.) are becoming increasingly common. We help our clients architect, implement, and scale their ETL platforms so we can aggregate all your marketing data in one place and transition to real-time reporting.

Tech Stack

Strategy and Tech Stack

This phase is the backbone of your analytics foundation, so getting it right is critical. Here we’ll define what your goals are, develop the key performance indicators (KPIs) to measure success, and audit your existing technology stack to ensure it will fulfill the requirements.

If there are any gaps in your tech stack, we’ll provide an action plan on how to address them, which includes recommending new technology solutions and helping with the setup + configuration of platforms such as Google Analytics, Google Tag Manager, business intelligence and data visualization tools (Google Data Studio, Datorama, Tableau, etc.), and marketing middleware (Funnel, Improvado, etc.).

Data Visualization

Reporting and Dashboards

Using the business intelligence and data visualization platforms we setup during phase one, this is where we’ll transform all your raw data into organized, digestible, and actionable dashboards.

Generally, this is where companies lose the most time due to inefficient and manual processes, but we leverage automation in our reporting workflow to minimize these “dead hours”. This gives our team more time to learn from the data rather than worrying about why the totals for those two tables don’t match up.

Insights Optimizations

Insights and Optimizations

Analytics is only valuable if it helps drive businesses forward, which is why we put the majority of our time into analyzing your data and uncovering the key insights that will lead to growth.

Here, we’ll identify the specific aspects of your business and marketing strategies that are/are not performing well, provide context as to why, and detail the optimizations that will help improve performance.

We also share these insights with the rest of our team, allowing them to build off our initial learnings and find additional department-specific opportunities.


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